Sound Healing

Sound healing is vibrational healing with tones penetrating every part of the body, unrestricted by physical barriers.

It moves freely throughout the body releasing and re-tuning anything that may be out of balance, bringing your physical and energetic bodies back into a state of harmony. Judy uses crystal singing bowls in conjunction with vocal toning which is something that comes to her naturally.

The tones and songs are channeled, each session unique and specific to the individual or group. People often share with her after that the songs felt familiar and touched their soul in such a deep way, like a comforting hug from home reminding them of who they are.

Judy has 7 years experience working with clients in this field and is a practitioner and teacher of ThetaHealing®.

If you would like to book Judy for a group sound healing session please contact her for a quote.


“I found Judy’s sound and energy healing to be very empowering. She has the most amazing and angelic voice and can channel just the right tones at the perfect moment for one’s optimal healing. I feel very grateful to have had such a profound experience. Thank you Judy!”

– Alan

“Judy is exceptional, during the session I felt extremely relaxed and the stress simply left my body. Afterwards I felt invigorated and clear of the stress I was experiencing. If you’re looking to feel better, I recommend a session with Judy. The healing was transformative and long lasting.”

– Errol

Upcoming Group Sound Healing Events