About Valli Maine

Valli Maine grew up in a musical household in Strathfieldsaye, Central Victoria. Blessed with a musician as her mother, who loved to sing and was passionate about fostering creativity in children. A trait passed on to her by her own beautiful mother.

Valli spent her days singing, painting, playing in dirt and running around in the bush. She often fell asleep on the ground with her dogs and couldn’t understand why the kennel was not an acceptable place for her to sleep. She always had a deep love and appreciation of animals and nature, spending a lot of time making up songs to sing to the plants in the garden. She also sang to the stars and the clouds because she’s pretty non-descriminatory like that.

So as you see, Valli was always a songwriter but started more intentionally writing songs somewhere between the age of 15-17 and playing them to her friends in the park at school. (Forgive the timeline confusion, she had pretty hectic lifestyle choices back then which skewed things a bit).

She performed at an open mic night when she was 18 and this lead to her being offered a gig, which lead to more gigs and the ripple effect continued on like that. Valli has had the pleasure of supporting Paul Kelly, Augie March, Falloe, Tex Perkins, Tim Rogers and many other wonderful musicians. She considers herself quite blessed.

Valli took a break from music in 2015 when she was pregnant with her Son. Coupling this with her understanding of tones and vibration, that everything is energy, she used this time to get clear about what kind of energy she wanted to send out with her music. What she truly wants to create with her creations.

Valli Maine plays her own style of dreamy melodic folk with songs written to call in the dreams that she’s been painting in her mind. With songs to give your heart hope on the days when the world weighs a bit too heavy, her intention is to send out a message of love, beauty and wonder for this life.

Valli is a practitioner and teacher of ThetaHealing®. She also works intimately with Sound Healing and channelled Vocal Toning and has 8 years experience working with clients in this field. This is one of her true loves in this life.